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Beamfox 🦊 - Hiring, Engagement and Humanity!

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What is Beamfox community?

Community is the only way we all grow!

Beamfox is an Invite-only community of like-minded professionals across the globe who discuss, have a meaningful conversation, exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices on topics of -

- Candidate engagement

- Employee... (More)

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Check our HR Job-Opening Tracker for Bengaluru. πŸ‘€

Find startup jobs and track trends. Updated monthly.

*Reach out to add company or job opening
"How do effective #managers keep their teams result-oriented?" πŸ† Effective managers focus on empowering πŸ’ͺ their teams to deliver concrete results. They combine a focus on urgency πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ with an understanding of what results will have the most impac... (More)
Highly engaged workers are 87% less likely to quit than their bored counterparts.

#EmployeeExperience #EmployeeEngagement