Do you ask your candidates about the number of πŸ“± contacts on social media and how many hours they chat πŸ’¬ with on a week with each? πŸ€”

Here are top things to consider before hiring a new employee πŸ† -

πŸ”¬ Analyze the position --> Think about your expectations from your new employee, what tasks you want to get accomplished with their help, what skills are crucial for them to have. Creating a thorough job description will help you attract people who are perfect for it.

πŸ’° Set a budget --> Sometimes it is a great idea to think about outsourcing as a way to find a perfect match in terms of skills for a considerably low price.

❓ Ask the right questions --> Conducting an interview will help you find your candidate’s strong sides and weaknesses as well as separate true superstars from average employees.

πŸ™‹ Ask for recommendations --> Ask your potential hire for any sort of recommendation from a previous employer. This will give you an objective insight into their performance.