The most important thing I can think of when it comes to improving the employee experience is alignment. The alignment between the stated goals of the organization or team and an employee’s experience of it. Leaders have an impact on the four key areas that make up our daily experience of work:

  • Priorities and Decisions - How are they made? Do they align with the stated goals?
  • Rewards and recognition - Do people get rewarded for delivering the kind of service stated by leadership? Are the people recognized examples of the stated vision, vision, and/or values?
  • Stories - Who is remembered or talked about by leaders? Do the stories tell promote or erode the stated goals/direction of the organization/team?
  • Handling mistakes - What happens when mistakes are made? Are they used as a learning opportunity or as a way to punish?

So the question that the team/organization has thought about is “what is our goal?” and is there alignment between that and the experience that our folks have of their work?

In the end, we need to create “inside out” alignment:

We want our people to have the same experience at work that we are trying to deliver to customers/end users.