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Beamfox is an Invite-only community of like-minded professionals across the globe who discuss, have a meaningful conversation, exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices on topics of -

- Candidate engagement

- Employee experience

- Learning & development

- Performance management

- HR Technology

And most importantly everything that is needed to build a successful organization.

You can ask questions, create your own groups and topics, or connect with other HR professionals to create a wealth of knowledge.ย 

Beamfox is an HR community that is inspired by the way you work.

From hiring to retention, the platform is open to all users to ask questions, share insights, join a discussion, manage projects, or simply read awesome content.

Ultimately, this community is dedicated to helping hiring managers, recruiters, HR specialists, Onboarding specialists, CEO, and founders. become masters of their craft.

So, letโ€™s kick off this journey!