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Candidate Pre-Boarding
Candidate Pre-Boarding

Say hello to Pre-boarding  👋

A Pre-boarding process can be useful in showing the candidate how excited you are to have them on board by giving them a peek into what’s in store for them.

Preboarding acts as a bridge between the time the candidate accepts the offer and the beginning of the onboarding process. 🚶‍♀️

Naturally, you’re wondering why you need this, given that you already have such a comprehensive onboarding experience in place. 

But research by HBR shows 14% of employees can quit after their first day—and a preboarding process can have a significant impact on reducing this number.

 🚀 So let's make Pre-boarding an experience to cherish!

In this forum, we discuss all the best practices related to employee Pre-boarding, engagement & how to prevent drop-offs.


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