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👉 In an organization, who owns the #EmployeeExperience?🤔 The ownership of Employee experience has been a subject of debate for businesses where collaboration and coordination between departments don’t exist. That doesn’t capture what EX is about. 🔥 𝑬𝑿 �... (More)
You probably heard people talk about delivering “Frictionless #employeeexperience ” loads of times but what exactly does it mean? 45% of employees still face regular difficulties getting basic questions answered about their workplace benefits & issues. 😱 #Tips for deliverin... (More)
👀 What does a good #employeExperience look like? 👀 - Show an established Emotional Connection With the Employee ❣️ - Step Into Your Employees’ Shoes🚶‍♂️ - Offer More Channels of Support 🤛 - Embrace Automation ⚙️ #hr #leadership #hiring #manageme... (More)
There are many forms of #EmployeeEngagement but the key 🗝️ is to be in a constant dialogue with them. If you are engaging them as you would a close friend you’ll know. 🎤 One thing to heavily weigh is referra... (More)