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⚡ If you’re struggling to recruit new talent to your business—you aren’t alone⚡. Employers across the country are finding it increasingly more difficult to hire and retain new employees.

So why exactly is hiring so hard? Studies show that on average, each corporate job opening attracts up to 250 applicants—and of these candidates, six are chosen for further interviews. 

💯With these numbers, it should be easy to find and hire qualified candidates—but employers are still struggling to successfully hire top professionals. 


🚀 We take this forum to discuss best practices associated with attracting the right talent, sourcing, recruiting, and retaining from the best minds across the globe. 


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Why do employee satisfaction surveys exist? 🤔

Usually, it’s not to measure satisfaction.

Rather, it’s to gather information on what is particularly good or bad about whatever is being surveyed.

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